May 31, 2006

the Great Tribulation: LIVING HELL and visions of Fatima

 Apr, 17 2005
No matter how horrible the third vision was, the first was infinite times more horrible.

Great Tribulation - when will it start

The answer to this was given in October 5, 1998, timestamped at the CNN Kosovo Board - that message was deleted in February 1999.
BTW, all relevant CNN message boards were deleted in 2001.

The answer can also be found in, a site where messages and threads are often deleted later, but where timestamps are not manipulated.

Here are timestamped links that still exist in the internet, to find the answer :

1 - :
11/01/2001 4:16:41 AM PST. Post 15 links to : TRUE MESSAGE OF FATIMA
BTW, after reading this thread, who can be surprised that the most abominable public massacre that could ever be witnessed globally live, happened in Beslan, perpretrated by monsters protected by NATO and their puppets of the Georgian government ?

2 - :
05/12/2000 09:43:58 PDT.
Notice this was just hours before the "Pope", at that time in Fatima for the last time, was about to let the mask fall completely, by announcing that the (manufactured) third message would be "revealed" shortly after.

3 -
10/17/2003 2:26:45 PM PDT
the administrator of freerepublic deleted this thread, short after post 68, following instructions issued directly by the US Government. The thread had been available for some months.

That thread correctly points out, that even if all popes starting with John XXIII were satanists, John Paul II was the first to publicly state to be an apostate, in October 1996.
BTW, how can anyone be surprised, after reading this, that one of the last acts of the first openly apostate (in fact a satanic worshipper) Pope was to beatify Chemical Charles I, 3. October 2004, in the presence of 1000 members of the Habsburg family ?

Again, the TRUE message of Fatima : post 50, 10/29/2003 9:27:58 PM PST