December 11, 2015

Ongoing genocide Unprecedented types syrians christians refugees

Ongoing genocide: Unprecedented types 
One of the basic signs of End Times, now beyond what was originally scripted BEFORE the global kill shot. 

1. - Number of victims: elderly and sick in white majority countries
Nearly 100 million mostly white and mostly US, EU, Australia and Canada citizens in this millenium alone, in hospitals and care homes,
This doies not include the number of murdered unborn babies.

2. - Arsenal: syrians
The victims, almost all arabs, mostly sunnis but also chrisstians and dissidents, are so far "just" over one milllion.
HOW the genocide is being carried out is one of the reasons that makes it unprecedented: 
- It started behind closed doors with extermination camps 2011 
- shortly after also in public with military aircraft, including low flying helicopters dropping barrel bombs for the first time ever.
This is possible because the victims have no anti-aircraft weapons whatsoever, although Syria is bordered by countries alos with sunni majority, either absolute (Turkey and Jordan, additionally also arabs) or relative (Lebanon, also arabs).
- "coincidentally" the same sunni majority bordering countries where genocide is carried on by "Vaccination" alias vassassination, mostly of children, among the nearly five million refugees in camps.
- Mass public executions by ISIS (beheadings, crucifixions) since 2013.
Since Sep 2015 the syrian genocide became the first to be also
- officially carried out simultaneously by Russia and NATO, as russian Sukhois and Migs joined the "US led coalition" that had joined Assad one year earlier, all under the cover of fighting ISIS.
- carried out the same way and near the same locations as the holocaust: refugees forced to leave refugee camps in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, by terminating "food stamps", started to arrive in Europe to be gassed and cremated in exterminatiiom camps.

3. Majority of population of formally independent countries
Regimes of Afghanistan's Kabul, Iraq's Baghdad, Syria's Assad, South Sudan's Juba and Central African Republic's Bangui: what do they have in common?
They are all 
- recognized as legitimate governments by the United Nations 
- officially military protected on the ground and on the air by members the United Nations Security Council, from US jets and ground troops in Afghanistan and Iraq to russian jets and ground troops in Syria to UN "peacekeepers" in South Sudan and Central African Republic.
- participating in a genocide where the targeted are the majority of the population or in Iraq the largest religious group.
- Iraq 2003, before the genocide of sunnis and chrisitans started: sunnis were the largest group.
- Afghanistan over a decade now: almost all ethnic groups are targeted, because almost all oppose the puppet government.
- Syria: sunnis and christians were more than 80% of the population in 2011.
- South Sudan: victims are christians and freedom loving people, the largest majority of sudanese, the first people ever to break-up the colonial drawn borders.
Cover-up: "ethnic conflict" .
- Central African Republic: victims are christians. It's the first time that christians are being target for genocide in a country where they are not only the relative but also the absolute majority, in fact they are 75%.
It started with a staged coup and "religious conflict" as cover-up. As this tactic failed the South Sudan's tactic was again applied: UN "preacekeepers".

4. In more than one continent:
- elderly and sick, mostly whites: from EU to US and Australia.
- christians: from Iraq to Cental Afican Republic:
- syrians (also afghans, iraqis and others): from Syria since 2011 to extermination camps in Europe since Sep 2015.

"Euthanasia" same basic type of genocide as the Holocaust not as abortion
Abortion and "euthanasia" vs kill shot and extermination camps:

Great Tribulation: Easter 2016 satanic mockery: 

Figurative and real crucifixions: from USA to Yemen. From a real battle and fake genocide at Srebrenica 1995 to fake Karadzic sentenced and fake battle and real genocide at Palmyra. And again no mock resurrection.

So ... where is Jesus in End Times?
As you would expect, the answer starts with each Easter Sunday, more precisely each one since 2012.
Osama Bin Laden's resurrection, a 9/11 2001 remake: 
Original script for the remake of New York 9/11 2001.
God repeatedly postpones and irrevocably modifies the satanic script.